Unifiber Essentials RDM / SDM C50 mast

  • beschikbaar in 340/370/400/430/460cm
  • In Constant Curve, FL Curve, FH Curve
  • Essentials C50 is the strongest mast in the range
  • Superb quality to price ratio
  • Universal Ferrule System allows for custom mast builds with different tops and bases
  • Higher swing weight and less response than HD C75 and C100 masts
  • Available mastbag not included as standard
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Serving as an entry point into the Unifiber range of high-end masts, Essentials C50 RDM masts strike a good balance between value and quality. Highly recommended for recreational windsurfing, they are the number one choice for beginner and weekend warrior sailors.

Pre-preg manufacturing technology and a lower carbon to fiberglass ratio deliver outstanding durability to withstand heavy use.

The Essentials C50 RDM mast range is introduced in three new specialized curves:

  • Constant Curve — A 'classic' constant curve. Balanced and versatile, with the curve profile that has been preferred by many sailmakers for decades.
  • Constant FL Curve — A modern-day flex top with a little more flexing in the centre.
  • Constant FH Curve — Flexes in the top as much as the Green Curve but is a little stiffer in the centre, resulting in a very fluent curve.