Tabou Speedster 128 LTD

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  • Race-inspired cutouts for high top-speed
  • Wide middle section for easy planing and upwind performance
  • Narrow tail for increased acceleration and top speed by reducing drag
  • Multiple footstrap positions allow for custom tuning
  • Comes with G-10 T-LAB fins

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We dreamed of combining the performance of a slalom board with the easy feeling of a freeride board, so we made the Speedster. We started with the knowledge learned from making the Manta, the board our team races on for the World Tour, and we added features from the Rocket to create an easier jibe and a smoother ride that is more in contact with the water. We also added comfortable foot pads and more ergonomic footstrap positions. The result is a board with speeds close to the Manta with the easy maneuverability of the Rocket.

The Speedster is almost as fast as a 100% race board but jibes like a freeride board. The Speedster is perfect for weekend racers who want to win races without worrying about settings and tuning, or for the sailor who wants to have the highest GPS speed at his local spot.