Jp Slalom 60 pro edition

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We developed 4 new sizes which are slightly wider and thinner compared to the proven 66 and 80 which stay unchanged. They now come in a 60, 69, 78, and 82 cm width. We widened the range of use. The new 69 is not limited to a sail around 7.8 it can easily handle a 8.6 as well. The new 60 can’t just handle sizes 7.0 down, but also a 7.8. The new 82 is much more comfortable and forgiving with big sails like 9.5 than the former 84. The extra width around the mast base increases the planing surface and helps to jump on the plane instantly.

With the new 85 we decided to add a light wind SLALOM board with a very different concept. It is a light wind racing machine with a super high and loose water position, instant acceleration and very alive feeling. Even on the edge of planing condition this shape hovers over the water and offers outstanding speed. It differs to the existing shapes by following a shorter overall length and different proportions with a newly developed tail cut-out configuration.

This board is set up for light wind racing with outstanding top end speed.