Gaastra Spark 9m 2019


  • Line Type 4 Line
  • Struts 3
  • Bar Width 52 cm
  • Flat Area 9 m²
  • Proj. Area 6.00 m²
  • Flat AR 4.7
  • Proj. AR 2.58
  • Flat Wingspan 6.5
  • Windrange 14 – 30
  • Weight 2.94 kg
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No matter, if you want to go big, take your gear into waves or enjoy a mellow freeride session, the Spark won’t be the limiting factor.
Both pros and beginners enjoy the lower bar- and steering pressure and the inimitably stable flying characteristics that make the Spark the go to kite for even our top team riders in less than ideal conditions. You can handle the enhanced performance with no more than your fingertips and focus on your kiting and not the kite itself. A very sporty handling will make you embrace the kite’s reactions rather than fighting them, which results in fast turning abilities, better upwind performance and most importantly fun.
We redesigned the outline in the leading edge area and shortened the center cord, leaving the AR as it is, in order to increase the overall performance of the Spark and obtain it one of the most appreciated kites on the market.