Tabou Twister 90L

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  • Straight rocker with tail kick for maximum pop
  • Winger pintail for high top speed
  • Thin to give more control and a close-to-the-water feeling
  • Thick rails to make spinning tricks like spocks easier
  • Single fin for more control and slide

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Like in skateboarding, Freestylers want boards that go fast, pop high, and keep spinning, but most important is a feeling of control, which is why we designed the Twister to feel like an extension of your body, making it easy to try the newest freestyle moves. On the World Tour, Anthony Ruenes uses the Twister because it allows him to focus on landing tricks instead of thinking about the board.

The Twister pops so high because of two reasons: 1) the rocker is straight under the feet with kick in the tail, which allows the tail to sink down quickly before popping back up, like an ollie on a skateboard and 2) the winger outline means the board is wide and therefore stable in the middle but has a small tail that when pushed on, creates a wave under the board that acts like a small ramp.

The thinness of the Twister creates a comfortable close-to-the-water feeling that provides more control.