Solitary Step/Scooter Minimal Urban 200 Goblin Blue Scooter Pedal Scooter Kickroller


Bar Width: 48 cm
Total Height: 97 cm
Total Length: 88 cm

Bar: T6 Aluminum, one piece
Deck: T6 Aluminum (54.5 x 14 cm)
Break: With sprung



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Solitary Scooter’s Urban can be the perfect transporting device for the jungles of modern metropolises. The 200 mm diameter wheels take every obstacle easily like they would roll on trails. The amazing factor of this scooter is in its simplicity. The Achilles-heel of urban scooters is usually in the folding mechanics, what was thrown out from this one with noble simplicity. The structure is complete, without any annoying, disturbing rattling noise the travelling is fast and comfortable. It’s time to say goodbye to the morning crowds of the subways and buses; going to work can be fun.